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The RD Without the Popping Abs

Eric, why don't you look like a fitness model?

Looks are not everything, but they definitely show the person's hard work and dedication on themselves. By the way, I wish that was a pic of me! LOL

My Brain Has Abs

Don't be mistaken. I may not look like a fitness model, but I have the knowledge, drive, and individualized coaching skills on how to educate my clients and give them their results!

The Everyday Day RD

Some of you are my clients, some of you have never met me, some just seen me in pictures. I won't shy around the question that most might think of when they meet me the first time: "Why isn't this guy ripped and look like a fitness model". Well, first of all, I don't have a full set of hair and I'm short, that's why I'm not a model! HA! I'm your average guy, that walks with a wealth of knowledge to help others. I'm not here to make excuses. I work over 40 hours per week like many of you. I have a beautiful family, wife and 2 kiddos, 9 and 10 yr old. Live a typical life of normal house work, taking the kids here, going there, etc. I try to workout at least 4 x per week at MXT Training Studio (my office is actually inside the studio!). So like I said, I live a normal, busy life with no excuses like the majority of us. So why don't I look in optimal shape? The TRUTH: I shy away from my own nutrition and exercise program, I have 2-3 cheat meals per week, I'll drink a few beers, etc. That's no secret, and this is the truth. I have to say though, because I live at times with this vicious cycle, I comprehend where my clients come from. I comprehend children of all ages telling me that they don't exercise or like vegetables, I comprehend a lot life's obstacles! I'm not going to be here and say: NO PAIN NO GAIN...NO EXCUSES! It's called life. It's called making choices. It's about making it a lifestyle.

Why aren't you living the lifestyle Eric?

Laziness - it's a killer!

Simply put, laziness is the excuse for me. Laziness makes me shutdown. It allows me to make poor nutrition choices, be less active, and have the thought of: "I'll go twice as hard tomorrow". Well guess what, tomorrow never gets there! I've struggled with being overweight the majority of my life. Again, it's one of those life lessons that actually helps me to communicate and make my clients succeed! Yes I've been very active. Yes there was that time where I considered myself pretty fit. I "used" to cycle 50 miles every Saturday morning. Go to the gym 3-4 x per week religiously. I stopped. See the pattern? "I used to", just like many of you. Life gets in the way, leads to obstacles, then it just makes it easier to say tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I yo yo up and down every year around Spring season. Reason is, I follow Lent, which is when I give up a lot of foods and give up 100% of alcohol. I don't starve. I don't suffer. I just shift my daily choices and become 100% focused on eating and living healthier. I turn those next 40 days into a lifestyle. What happens next?

What Happens in 40 Days of Commitment?

Oh man, a lot changes in 40 days. Yes, definitely, weight loss and improved physical appearance. Even better changes come about. I start waking up earlier, I get in a better mood, my confidence improves, it gets easier to adhere to my workouts and eating schedule, and overall a better sense of well being! Well shoot Eric, why aren't you doing this all the time? Same reasons that many of you don't do. Life events, emotional struggles, chronic stress, fatigue, etc. The weird thing is, I know keeping up with a healthier lifestyle improves all these life obstacles! So just do it Eric! Easier said than done. Again, not making excuses. As a professional, I am the one that should have the answers, and a lot of the times I do. I tend to focus so much on the success of my clients, that I disregard my own health. While I tell you to limit your wine to 1-2 cups per week, I have 3 or 4 for you because "it was a stressful week". It should not be like this. Like one of my good friends and committed personal trainer always says: LEAD BY EXAMPLE! Roberto Rubaldino, you definitely have touched so many lives in a positive way by living a healthy lifestyle and putting yourself as the example. This is where I lack, but I know I will get better. I have also had help from others along the line. Saleena Rojas, an excellent and top notch professional trainer has also assisted me. Not to mention, leads a healthy life and is a Dietitian as well! I should be the last person to say that I don't have the tools or resources to lead a healthy lifestyle! I have faith in myself and my team! I will improve!

So what's the plan?

As many of you all know, I moved my office into a private, small group, training studio: Millennium X Training or MXT for short. I went from a professional office suit setting, to a more relaxed, but fitness and wellness atmosphere, and I LOVE IT! My trainers, Alex and Enrique, are extremely fit! They live, eat, and breath fitness. They are also busy bodies. They go full time to college, manage their gym, and other personal responsibilities, yet, commit to living healthy. I also look up to them, and that is because they are almost half my age! It's crazy! This has created a positive atmosphere on where I want to be in the near future. Yes I want to have a model's body, but it is becoming more than that. I am reflecting that I want to be there for my kids and my wife. I don't want to be the father that can't play football or run around the park with my kids because of poor health. I don't want be a bad reflection on MXT or any other colleagues and clients that refer me. Being in this scenario, I've been focusing on gradual positive changes. I have been "consulting" with myself in a kind of way. Awkward, but it's working. I'm on the "client" side of things. Following my own programs and trying to keep at it at MXT at least 3-4 x per week. This started even before Lent, where I've been making daily life modifications to help me live healthier, decrease stress, and find balance. It's not all about nutrition and exercise. You need positivity in other ways. For example, hobbies, reading, or just having deep conversations with the significant other. That is what I've been working on.


Without trying to bore you, I wanted to be truthful of who I am and how I can relate to most of my clients. I wasn't born with genetics on an aesthetic looking physique. My passion is helping people of all ages and seeing their health transform. I have to admit, then I have bragging rights and it feels good! HA! Because I live a "normal" life and I am definitely not an extremist on shoving the perfect nutrition and workout program down your throat, I can definitely understand the daily life struggles and can help you make those changes in your daily nutrition to improve your overall health.

My goal for myself is to continue to focus on balance to further improve my health, mental well being, strength, and inner peace. All it takes is to commit for a while, believe and trust in the journey, and everything will fall into place for the better. I am living proof, that even just in 40 days, you can make an impact on your health, weight, and appearance!

My Journey

Many of us have started some where. Many of us have made positive changes and have kept them. I applaud you, it is difficult at times. Although, this is my journey. I want to be transparent. The struggles are real, because I am human. My experience of over 11 yrs in this field has given me the gift of knowledge and teaching skills to help clients of all ages on improving their health with meal planning and motivational support. These are areas that I do not lack! While I may not show rock hard abs, I can fill my office walls with pictures of local athletes, fitness competitors, and weekend warriors that have gotten there with my help! I am truly grateful that they trusted in me. As a professional, I continue to learn, adapt, improve. I will be right next to you in your journey of health, strength, and commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.........I hope I can be part of yours.

Eric Estrada RDN, LD

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