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Motivation - Self Discipline: Day 2 of 60.

Lunch walk of the day!

Alarm at 5:45am for that quick mile run......SNOOZED! I just wasn't feeling it. Not letting that get in the way of what I'm planning to do. After my lunch, which wasn't the best choice of all (2 sandwiches with chips), I went for a 1.2 mile walk around the clinic I work at. Feels good! I could've done much better at lunch if I hadn't forgotten my meal prep. Heck, I could've stayed away from the chips! I didn't. I ate what I wanted. No stress, but consistency on my mile run/walk for the day is the focus while I continue to clean out my nutrition. The key here is consistency and self discipline to prepare my meals for the following day. If I don't have a plan, I tend to go off track my meals. That is the way I'm programmed, which I can definitely work on! You see, it's a the everyday life most of us live in! We fall of the plan daily. Our motivation gets hurt. We let it get to us and we fail to pull through.

REFOCUS! Today, after my daughter's practice, I will run another mile and possibly incorporate a full body workout on the TRX bands. Simple, easy, and it will not beat me up. That is the plan. Let's see if it pans out! SELF DISCIPLINE for HEALTH!

We cannot expect to make life changes in 24 hrs, a week, or even a month. True self discipline is when you make it a lifestyle. For example: I chose to quit smoking, even socially. I don't look back, I just don't do it anymore. Easier said than done when it comes to portion control of food, exercise, etc. We don't get the instant gratification because we don't see immediate change or fast changes. We don't see the behavior as a negative one when we overeat. Although, we may feel guilty after, and then that gets in our head and the negativity takes over. STOP! Learn from it. Focus on what could have prevented the overeating and how you can approach your meals next time when you are not prepared.

For me, I will keep a stash of Tuna packets. This way, I won't be left with higher caloric choices or wait so long that my hunger is so much, that I overeat. Hydration is also crucial! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. It does not have to be 1 gallon per day, although, it has to be a good amount. A general guideline would be that your urine output is semi-clear. If it is too dark, you need more water.

While typing this, my good friend Oscar text me a quote and it hit me:

What are you willing to do to get what you want? Sacrifices are necessary.

Oscar has had a heck of a health and physique transformation. Check him out on IG: @usmc_atx

Self Goals:

-Weigh In: 190 lbs

-Goal: 188 lbs by Saturday - most important, self discipline and consistency on being active and prepping my meals the rest of the week.

-Weight Goal by January 9 (b-day) - 170-175 lbs. This is a tough goal, but doable!

-No alcohol for 60 days.

I feel good. I feel pumped. It maybe that quick walk I just did! Try it!


Best of Health!

Eric Estrada RDN, LD