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2 Months Until 40

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Here I am at the verge of turning 40 within 2 months. Not terribly out of shape, but nevertheless, not where I would like to be at age 40. Even though I'm a professional in the nutrition field, I struggle myself. I give the best support to all my clients and I make them succeed, although, I fall short on myself. With ups and downs throughout every year, I tend to lose focus and, most importantly, discipline. I had a thought about 1 month ago, that I would try to be in the best shape of my life by 40. Well, a whole 30 days passed while making poor decisions due to life, stress, and just overwhelming events. It's never the perfect time to start. While you may have the means and the tools to start, at the end of the day, it is all about your self- discipline. What am I doing different this time around? I'm trying to enjoy life day by day and focus on what counts and matters the most to me. If I'm in a place of peace and overall happiness, it is much easier for me to engage in exercise, healthy eating, and self-discipline. I'm focusing on how to manage stress which I don't do very well. I get easily distracted. I easily say "screw it", "I'll do it tomorrow,"" I'll start next week," and all the other excuses that a lot of us may use!

About 3 months ago, I had a scare. My blood pressure was out of control. I do take medication. Out of major stress, anxiety, and fear, I picked up terrible habit and that is smoking cigarettes. It was a BAD decision. Obviously, smoking affects blood pressure. Nicotine is a stimulant. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, and narrows your arteries. What was I thinking? Glad to say, I QUIT! Have not given in for the past 3 months and I don't ever plan on going back. It was never an addiction, but an easy trap to fall into and making it a bad habit. I have 2 little ones at home, I can't be that selfish.

My alcohol consumption has significantly decreased as well. This leads to me waking up earlier and not feeling like crap. Yes, I will have a few drinks, but not like before. Overall, it is a way better feeling waking up with no symptoms of dehydration, weakness, and overall fatigue on the weekend. I didn't get hammered on my recent trip to Las Vegas with my wife and best friends, which is actually pretty amazing!

I've been making small changes. Yes, I've had some major stressors along the way. As of now, I'm focusing strictly on positive thoughts and outcomes vs. the "what ifs". I overthink too much, so thinking "what if" definitely puts a dent on my discipline.

My daughter has been waking up with me frequently to go run in the mornings. I'm extremely proud of her. Not to mention, she pushes me. I do want to instill important healthy habits for them to live by and I want them to say, "Dad showed me."

Running has been my focal point. While I know it is not enough, it is a start. Twenty minutes in the morning makes me feel good. It elevates my mood, improves my energy, and actually suppresses my appetite and the cravings for high caloric foods. I recently obtained a customized training program from Enrique at MXT Training Studio (previous office location). I find myself with all the tools! I even have a good friend that is checking my progress, and that helps too! There should be no excuses! At the end of the day, you have to dig deep inside and do it for yourself, even if you have no one around. It is all YOU! We can either face our obstacles head on, or continue to make excuses and fall under the same cycle like myself, year after year.

"I want good health. I want mobility. I want to be pain free. I want to be able to run around with my kids. I want to feel strong."

So what do the next 2 months bring? I will continue to focus on my positive thoughts, self discipline, and all the blessings I have around me. I will strive for success on my own health. It will not be a 2 month plan. It will not be a race. I look at it as a challenge within a small time frame. I will be focusing on meal planning once again as well as involving physical activity on a daily basis, even though they are not full blown workouts. I will try to be active over the next 60 days to capture my meals, thoughts, weight, progress, etc. on this blog. It never comes easy to anyone that is seeking change, but you can make it easier by changing your mindset, your frame of thought, focusing on the good, focusing on the solution and not dwelling on the problem or what ifs. That is my strategy and I'm definitely open to other suggestions. Please feel free to give me your insight!

Best of Health,

Eric Estrada RDN, LD