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Meet Eric


Honest, loyal, and a true professional in the nutrition field. With many gimmicks in today's market, I have always educated my clients with the no BS approach. You cannot take hard work, commitment, and dedication out of a healthy lifestyle. No pills, powders, or magic potions are the staple of my programs. I have worked with 1000's of clients of all ages with great success. I have ran my consulting and coaching nutrition business for over 10 years, and I have yet to regress growth. I owe my success through the hard work and dedication on my clients. I will not let you fail. At times, guidance is all we need to understand the vision of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Let me be part of that journey, you will not regret it.

"Invest in yourself"  -  Eric Estrada RDN, LD

Recipes & Tips 


Simple yet easy to make food recipes that I have used with my own family and children. If you are looking for macro information, I got you! Please feel free to let me know how you can improve my ideas, full credit will be given! I always learn from my clients! Click on my blog for further details.

Private and Remote Nutrition Counseling and Coaching through science, evidence based practices. 


One thing is to lay out a nutrition program, another is to be able to teach and guide your clients. This is where my counseling and coaching skills come to play. I have dealt with many obstacles, yet have managed to continue to help my clients reach their goals. Not all nutrition plans are created equal! From clinical nutrition plans, to sports performance plans. Every Individualized plan comes with a caloric scheme, macro nutrient percentages, and detailed individualized plans with the ability to have flexibility and choose your own foods. This is what I create for all my clients! What is needed?

Your COMMITMENT and COMMUNICATION and you leave the rest to me.

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